October 15, 2016


Oxford Healthcare Centre

75 Oxford Road, Saxonwold, Johannesburg

Oxford Healthcare Centre


Somatic Symptom Disorder is afforded a whole new chapter in the DSM 5. While this may be an improvement on previous attempts to describe this grouping of bodily symptoms, it still remains artificial, superficial, and most unsatisfactory. When we consider all the clients we have encountered who presented with somatic symptoms, something seems to be missing, almost fundamentally wrong, about the listings of symptom categories. In this workshop consideration will be given to the key idea put forward by McDougal, that ‘the body that suffers is alive’. Aetiological factors that are based in psychodynamic theory will be discussed. Some of the latest psychoneurological considerations regarding these somatic manifestations, will also be considered. Implications for psychotherapy will be explored, referring to case vignettes. Keeping in mind our ethical rules, you may bring your own cases, briefly, to enrich our understanding.

Cost: R1400 (incl VAT)
CPD: 6 points