Occupational Therapist

at Oxford Healthcare Centre
Ashleigh Ashworth

Ashleigh Ashworth

Contact Details
Tel: 082 458 3152
Email: ashworthot@gmail.com

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HPCSA: OT0087327
BHF practice number: 0966843
BSc Occupational Therapy (UCT)
Postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation with distinction (UP)
Further training:
Psychiatric Functional Capacity Evaluator (PFCE)
Sensory Intelligence Activity Participation Outcome Measure (APOM)
DBT Level 1

Ashleigh is an occupational therapist with nine years of experience in public and private mental health sectors encompassing a diverse range of diagnoses. While working at Weskoppies hospital, Ashleigh developed her passion for advocating for those with mental illness particularly in the workplace. This sparked her further studies in vocational
rehabilitation and sensory intelligence.

Ashleigh is currently working in private practice at Oxford Healthcare Centre working with both the adult and adolescent program at The Day Clinic. In her private practice, Ashleigh conducts Psychiatric Functional Capacity Evaluations and provides both individual and group occupational therapy. Ashleigh provides client centred and holistic therapy ensuring that all aspects of one’s occupational well-being are considered. Together with the client, Ashleigh strives to create occupational balance to allow one to live a more meaningful life while fulfilling the necessary roles at home and at work.