Occupational Therapist

at Oxford Healthcare Centre
Catherine Divaris

Catherine Divaris

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Tel: 010 350 0076 / 072 435 5660
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BSc OT (Wits), Dip Voc Rehab (Pret)
HPCSA reg. no. OT0076694
BHF practice no. 0534536

Catherine is an occupational therapist specialising in vocational rehabilitation and mental health. She obtained her BSc occupational therapy undergraduate degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2009. She received the award for the top student across four years of study, as well as the top student in psychiatry. After she completed her community service in 2010, she graduated cum laude for her diploma in vocational rehabilitation at the University of Pretoria (2012). Catherine consults with adults and adolescents with difficulties in the following areas: anxiety, time management problems, and school- or work-related stress. She has a special interest in return-to-work, mindfulness and cognitive retraining. Services offered include mindfulness training, organisation and routine assistance, job seeking and CV support, adolescent school support, practical anxiety and coping skills training, home or work environment site analysis and visits, and insurance and disability claims assessments (Functional Capacity Evaluations and work site analysis). She is a HPCSA Practitioner, a OTASA and MPS Member, and is Secretary of the Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Association.