September 17, 2016

Oxford Healthcare Centre


The different presentations of narcissism as it appears within different layers of personality functioning will be addressed. This workshop will not aim at being an extension of the DSM 5 classification. Narcissism can be recognized on all levels of personality functioning, from a psychotic, to a borderline, to a neurotic and even to a highly functional way of being. Narcissism does not yield a simple, uniform picture, with simplistic traits to be ticked off, but is multifaceted and multidimensional. The challenges that face us when we treat persons with narcissistic traits, will be discussed in some depth. A number of case vignettes will be presented for further exploration and clarification. You are welcome to bring examples of your own. The possible transformation of narcissistic traits into highly admirable, positive characteristics will be considered.

Cost: R1400 (incl VAT)
CPD: 6 points